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The World's Pipeline Industry Meets Here.
Sept 24 - 26, 2024
Telus Convention Centre - Calgary, Canada

Artic Therm International Ltd.

600 Booth Number

9502 87 Ave
Morinville, Alberta, T3H 3J9

Artic Therm delivers environmentally friendly, fuel efficient equipment that increases safety in comparison to traditional flamed heating units. Designed with safety in mind, our flameless, dry, breathable heat, reduces moisture and minimizes worker exposure to contaminants without introducing the ignition sources found in other heating products. Artic Therm flameless heaters provide a wide range of services including, tank/vessel coat curing, wellhead heating, temporary worksite heating, plant outages/turnarounds, pipeline thermal expansion, grain drying and emergency thawing. We are trusted in our turnkey solutions that include, engineering, construction, maintenance, and critical heating services to many integral Canadian sectors.

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