CDI- Control Devices, Inc.

1801 N Juniper Ave.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - United States - 74012
Established in 1982, CDI is the world’s foremost leader in non-intrusive pipeline pig tracking, locating, and signaling technology. Patented designs, innovative engineering, and in-house manufacturing, are key to CDI’s state-of-the-art equipment. With UL/CSA, ATEX and IECEX certifications, they have pigging equipment appropriate for any area of the world whether it be onshore, offshore or subsea. Recognized by the US Department of Commerce and awarded the 2015 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting, CDI’s non-intrusive equipment is used globally by the largest of oil and gas companies.Onshore pig detection equipment includes the CD52-Bandit. CDI’s patented noise-cancelling antenna detects both transmitter and magnet equipped pipeline pigs. Passages are stored in memory, and can be interfaced to PLCs, SCADA, lights and horns. The Bandit is available in several variations to include a portable unit, flexible cable units, and stainless-steel weather-tight enclosures.Onshore tracking equipment includes the TRAXALL Pig Location and Tracking System. With 5 different models available, CDI has equipment for any budget. The TRAXALL model 770 tracks up to seven different transmitter frequencies simultaneously, and leverages Bluetooth and GPS technology for accuracy and convenience, The TRAXALL model 500 is for users who prefer a basic unit to track 22Hz transmitters with ease and efficiency in real-world field use.CDI's offshore and subsea equipment has proven itself in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and in all the oceans of the world, and has endured depths of up to 4500m below the surface. CDI’s newest subsea innovation, Mantis 820, is a deep-water ROV tie-in solution which provides all the benefits of multi-frequency electromagnetic pig tracking in a durable and robust package. In water depths of up to 3000m, the Mantis 820 can track moving pigs, locate stuck pigs, or set up a trip-wire to monitor for slippage or other movements of subsea pigs.CDI also manufactures the X-Series Transmitters which are multi-frequency and programmable. Available in standard, ATEX rated, and high-pressure Titanium, the X-Series Transmitters can be configured to achieve the needed range and battery life of any given pigging project. Transmitters are available for pipelines 2" and up.Quality, durability and safety are the focus. On-time delivery and exceptional service is the goal of every CDI associate. CDI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.