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The World's Pipeline Industry Meets Here.
Sept 24 - 26, 2024
Telus Convention Centre - Calgary, Canada

Dan the Stickman Ltd

119 Booth Number

517 5h Street NE
McLennan, Alberta, T0H 2L0

Daniel Labrecque first started his business when he noticed there was a real need in the Canadian survey industry for higher quality sticks. By talking with many different Surveyors and business owners, he discovered that stick breakage was actually causing people quite a lot of grief in both wasted time and money. This problem seemed to come from a combination of poor quality wood and too slim of a cut. In fact, Dan was one of the first to begin cutting 1/2″ lath instead of the more common 3/8″.
This motivated Dan to see if there were other ways the product could be improved to solve other issues surveyors were experiencing. There sure were and he is proud to say by giving this simple product a lot of thought and listening carefully to the people in the industry who are using it every day, we have been able to create the ultimate quality survey lath guaranteed to meet or exceed any expectations!
As you can see, Dan is passionate about this product and he is still always looking for ways to make it better. It’s no surprise to know that’s how he ended up with the nickname ‘Dan The Stickman’!

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