RAM-100 International, LLC

11140 Rockville Pike Ste 100 PMB105
Rockville, Maryland - United States - 20852
RAM-100 specializes in manufacturing anti-corrosive coating, and composite and steel sleeves for Oil and Gas pipelines. Our capabilities include custom made designs to fit unique situations or specific geometry and shapes depending on the integrity anomalies to be repaired. Our innovative solutions include enlarged diameters, concentric reductions, encapsulation of accessories, permanent shut-down of illegal taps, reinforcement of pipe supports, double wall sleeves, and other special situations. We have a range and wide variety of providers from around the world to meet the most demanding requirements for steel specifications. Our design and manufacturing processes are ISO certified and meet ASME, API, AS, CSA, NRF, NOM, PCC-2, and other country engineering and design codes. We strive in customer service and offer prompt and continuous support, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

  • Coating and Corrosion Materials
  • Connections and Fittings
  • Fabrication
  • Valves and Fittings