VantEdge O&G Inc.

Suite 510, 736 - 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T2P 3T7
VantEdge's vision is to support the Oil & Gas Industry by specializing in the spaces not always core to our business partners, but still imperative for the safe and efficient operation of assets across the province. Our business model allows our partners to focus their resources and capital on their core service areas while maintaining a high level of accountability towards safety, regulatory compliance and the legislation that governs their operations. VantEdge Compliance & Operational Excellence solutions creates and drives efficiencies, cost savings and a high level of accountability with respect to regulatory compliance focused in Alberta.Our value proposition is simple, by comprehensively predefining and assessing regulatory requirements that oil and gas operators are required to abide by (which amounts to 1000's of difficult to navigate and instill regulatory clauses that often change and are updated), we can help ensure consistent interpretation for operators within industry and also help ensure that these requirements are implemented into processes and procedures governing operations. This is all completed via our software service platform CompliShield, which is an easy to access and use platform delivered through the web.With a team that brings over 40 years of industry experience to the table, we provide extensive understanding and insight of the challenges and shortcomings of the industry and provide solutions key to the success of our partners. We have a number of products lined up to bring to the market over the next 2 years that will further simplify processes, increase transparency, improve measurement, increase quality controls, and operational excellence.As the industry is subject to increasing regulatory requirements and expectations, along with a continuous increase in public scrutiny and awareness, VantEdge is developing a solution to supporting industry through the rigorous tasks of identifying and managing ongoing changes in legal requirements; developing and executing an effective management system by identifying gaps and/or overlap in policies, procedures, standards, etc.; and in the development, planning, and maintenance of risk informed assurance and internal audit programs. Implementation of the solution will allow transparency and assurance of the company’s compliance and operational effectiveness through proactive reporting platforms that will enable management and leadership teams to make informed decisions with the ability to provide customized reporting to clients, business partners, Board of Directors along with government and regulatory officials.

Products & Services

  • Inspection and Testing
  • Integrity Services
  • Management and Operation
  • Protection Systems
  • Regulatory and Industry