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Improving the integrity, reliability and performance of piping systems, structures and rotating equipment.We offer the most comprehensive range of solutions to these common, yet challenging issues: • Piping failures: Excessive vibration causes piping fatigue - a significant integrity issue and failure mechanism. • Machinery uptime: Compressors, pumps and other rotating assets face reliability, vibration and performance problems. These can be avoided by VDN’s design, commissioning, monitoring, reliability and troubleshooting services. • Noise management (HS & Environmental): Noise management is a growing concern due to increasing HS & E and compliance regulations.Our services cover the entire project lifecycle and include: • Vibration and fatigue of piping and structures • Pulsation, resonance, vibration, surge and rotor dynamics • Multiphase flow and transients • Noise management, assessments, compliance and solutions • Reliability, monitoring and performance of rotating equipment • Site engineering, inspections, and troubleshooting • Advanced engineering including non-linear FEA and fitness for service level 3 • Anti-vibration products: damping, absorbers, vibration clampsWe achieve cost-effective and industry-leading results due to a unique combination of expert technical authorities, global field engineers, superior software solutions, extensive research and ongoing innovation.Visit us at booth 1202!

Products & Services

  • Inspection and Testing
  • Integrity Services
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Turbines and Compressors