Athena Industrial Services

554 Hurricane Drive
Calgary, Alberta - Canada - T3Z3S8
Athena Industrial Services (AIS) is a Calgary based Research and Development firm which has created a world class NDT platform that utilizes Shaped Electromagnetic Field Imaging (SEMFI). AIS’s commercial system, ECHO-3D, is currently being employed within the O&G industry in the US and Canada. Electromagnetics allow for the scanning of pipe surfaces with a high degree of accuracy, without contact or any couplants and lets ECHO-3D detect and size a wide variety of surface defects, including corrosion, cracks, and Stress Crack Corrosion (SCC). The technology is currently being employed as a primary screening tool in the field displacing legacy technology like MPI. AIS is actively engaged with industry partners in a series of ongoing R&D projects including In-Line Inspection (ILI), Cracks & Corrosion Under Insulation (CCUI), slotted liners amongst others.

Products & Services

  • Inspection and Testing
  • Measurement Equipment and Technology