2016 CSA Group Innovation forum

The pipeline industry is constantly changing, but how can organizations stay ahead of the curve while maintaining a high degree of safety, quality and sustainability in their efforts? We invite you to join us at the CSA Group Innovation Forum to learn how.

CSA Group Innovation Forum takes place in a dedicated presentation area in the Telus Rooms in the new Main Floor exhibit area of the International Pipeline Exposition. The series will feature eight presentations over two days, highlighting products, technologies and services that address issues and deliver opportunities as they relate to pipelines. Topics include safety, international relations, standards, compliance and technology.

CSA Group will introduce the sessions and will also present each day under the theme ‘Industry Leadership through Innovation and Responsible Growth’.

Space is limited. Please arrive early. 



Wednesday September 28, 2016Thursday September 29, 2016
10:30 am – 11:30 amCSA Group – Industry Leadership Through Innovation and Responsible GrowthCSA Group – Industry Leadership Through Innovation and Responsible Growth
12:00 pm –1:00pm HiFi Engineering – Preventative Pipeline Leak  Detection with Fiber Optic SensingBlackline Safety – Connected Safety Technology for the Pipeline Industry—Immediate Incident Response Capability
  1:30 pm –2:30pm EXP – Pipeline Data IntegrationU.S. Commercial Services – Doing Business in Canada
 3:00 pm – 4:00pmTransCanada – Oil Pipelines Leak Detection Strategy & TechnologiesCSA Group – Industry Essentials for Emergency, Continuity and Security Incidents