Keeping up to date with what’s new is vital to the pipeline industry. The New Product Program makes it easy for you to identify new innovations and freshly launched products.

2018 New Product Program


The WirelessHART HC-Tracker™ system provides effective hydrocarbon leak detection and integrity monitoring in a range of applications including in Zone 0 environments. Systems can be deployed on surface infrastructure, in water bodies, and underground. Field devices can be rapidly deployed as they are wireless and battery-powered for up to 10-years.

Converge Risk Manager

Converge Risk Manager is a unique, cost-effective risk solution that provides an on-demand baseline risk score for every pipeline in Western Canada using GDM’s industry leading data. Users can tailor the results by adding their own information and risk tolerances, and can view the risk consequence and likelihood breakdown for any individual pipeline.

Clock Spring Leak Stopper

With a clamping strength of 5,929 lbf, Clock Spring Leak Stopper delivers fast, safe temporary containment for onshore oil and gas pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants, and municipal water/gas distribution lines. A unique strapping method achieves secure composite placement using teeth that are part of the strap, delivering a low-profile repair.


CompliShield is an innovative software solution that enhances operational excellence in the oil and gas industry by assisting companies with the safe operation of their assets. Through comprehensive monitoring, updating, concordance with operations and risk assurance of legislative requirements, CompliShield aims at comprehensive regulatory compliance within organizational management systems.